Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation



Below are several of the Housing Corporation's Policies. If you are interested in a particular program, you can download the policy for review. 

Bylaws_Approved_10.31.2019.pdf Bylaws_Approved_10.31.2019.pdf
Size : 357.17 Kb
Type : pdf
Code of Conduct.pdf Code of Conduct.pdf
Size : 128.479 Kb
Type : pdf
2022 Homebuyer Assistance Policy.pdf 2022 Homebuyer Assistance Policy.pdf
Size : 358.582 Kb
Type : pdf
Lease to Own Policy_Approved_11.07.2023.pdf Lease to Own Policy_Approved_11.07.2023.pdf
Size : 641.869 Kb
Type : pdf
Move-In Assistance Policy.pdf Move-In Assistance Policy.pdf
Size : 447.105 Kb
Type : pdf
Senior TBRA.pdf Senior TBRA.pdf
Size : 385.93 Kb
Type : pdf