Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation


The Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation is the Tribally Designated Housing Entity and Community Based Development organization of the Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria.  The Corporation provides housing assistance to Federally and State Recognized Tribal Members. Program eligibility is determined based on family size and household income.


Move In Assistance

 This program provides move-in assistance consisting of first month’s rent and security deposit. This program can be utilized twice in a lifetime with a four year period               between the first usage and the last usage.

Resident opportunity Self-Sufficiency Requirement

As a participant in the Low-Income Rental Program or the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Programs, your family will be required to comply with the mandatory Family Self-Sufficiency Counseling.  A Self-Sufficiency Plan (SSP) is a plan that each adult household member develops in consultation with the Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation outlining specific goals and achievements that will prepare your family to independently sustain without further assistance. Specifically, the plan will increase the family‘s income so the family can afford shelter on their own without paying over 30% of their adjusted income on housing over a realistic time frame.

Low-Income Rental Program

This program provides participants with affordable housing in Tribally-owned units. Participating families are required to successfully participate in a Family Self-Sufficiency Program. The goal is to increase financial resources through employment, so the family becomes self-sufficient.

Lease-To-Own Program

The goal of the Lease-to-Own Program is for qualified Mechoopda families to become homeowners after meeting the obligations set forth within the Lease Purchase Agreement and within the Program Policy over a period of time. Principle purchase prices are based on developmental costs. Terms are adjusted to meet the individual requirements of the family. When the purchase price is met and the term expires, the home is conveyed to the family.

Family-Student-Senior Tenant Based Rental Assistance

These programs assist with monthly rental payments to alleviate the financial burden on Low Income Tribal members in fair market rentals. Each programs has individual eligibility requirements.   Students must be enrolled in at least 12 units at a secondary institution. 

Owner-occupied Home Rehabilitation Assistance

This program assists homeowners with housing rehabilitation needs to bring their home up to modern living standards. Rehabilitation need must demonstrate family’s safety and/or the integrity of the home or property would be jeopardized if not addressed. The Corporation works with the homeowner to determine the housing need and administers the construction.  Rehabilitation assistance provides up to a maximum of $45,000 within a time period stipulated in the policy.

Minor Elder Rehabilitation

This program assists low income Elder Homeowners  with  minor repairs and appliance replacement.

Homebuyer Assistance

This program assists families in purchasing a first-time home by providing assistance with a down payment. A first-time homebuyer is a person who has not owned a home in the last three years.  This program provides eligible applicants with a down payment of up to 25% of an approved loan. The funds are paid directly to the title company at the time of closing. 


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