Chico Rancheria Housing Corporation



The Corporation administers programs in specific jurisdictions (defined below).  A brief description of each program is also provided.


Senior Tenant Based Rental Assistance

This program is created to supplement existing Mechoopda Indian Tribal housing stock by providing rental assistance to eligible seniors, specifically for senior only housing or state licensed, senior independent living facilities. The amount of assistance per month equals the difference of ten (10) percent of the family’s adjusted monthly income and the monthly housing payment up to $1,500.00. The monthly housing payment is defined as the total of the monthly rent charged by the landlord for the housing unit and the average monthly utilities associated with the housing unit. For the purposes of this policy, the average monthly utility cost includes the average monthly costs only for water, sewer, gas, and electricity.


Butte, Glenn, & Tehama counties:

  • Lease to Own Program
  • Low-Income Rental Housing
  • Family - Tenant Based Rental Assistance

18 Counties East of Sacramento


  • Owner-occupied Home Rehabilitation Assistance

All Areas of the United States

  • Student - Tenant Based Rental Asssistance
  • Homebuyer Assistance
  • Move in Assistance
  • Senior Based Tenant Rental Assistance


Lease to Own Program

The Corporation administers a Lease to Own Program. Principle purchase prices are based on developmental costs. Terms are adjusted to meet the individual requirements of the family. When the purchase price is met and the term expires, the home is conveyed to the family.


Low-Income Rental Housing

The Corporation administers a Low-Income Rental Program that provides safe, sanitary, and affordable housing to tribal members while offering services, such as financial management skills, credit counseling, and basic housing counseling.  Tenants are required to develop and follow a self-sufficiency plan in consultation with the Housing Corporation. The long term goal of the program is for tribal members to ultimately graduate and move out of the rental units and into open market rentals or purchase their own home. While in the program, tenants are also eligible for other programs offered by the Corporation, such as Homebuyer Assistance and Lease to Own.


Move in Assistance

Move-In Assistance is a form of rental assistance consisting of the first month’s rent and security deposit. This assistance program can be utilized twice in a lifetime with a four year period between the first usage and the last usage. The purpose of the program is 1) To provide safe, sanitary and decent affordable housing to tribal members; 2) To assist tribal members in locating a rental unit that is adequate for family size and near schools and the work place; and 3) To help alleviate the financial burden on tribal members associated with the cost to move into a rental unit.

Family - Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

This program assists families by subsidizing rent up to $325.00 per month. Participating families are provided with links to employment training services, transportation services, and low-cost utility benefits.  Tenants are required to develop and follow a self-sufficiency plan in consultation with the Housing Corporation. The goal is to increase financial resources available to the household, so the family can become self-sufficient.


Owner-occupied Home Rehabilitation Assistance

This program assists homeowners with housing repair needs by providing rehabilitation assistance.  Home rehabilitation or improvements can be made to bring a home up to modern living standards.  The Corporation works with the homeowner to determine the housing need and administers the construction repairs of the home.   


After New Windows & Siding 

Student - Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

This program provides a monthly rental subsidy up to $300.00  per month for students.  Students must be enrolled fulltime (12 units) in a qualified educational program, and are required to provide verification of passing grades and attendance.


Homebuyer Assistance

This program assists first-time home buyers in purchasing a home by providing assistance with a down payment. A first-time homebuyer is a person who has not owned a home in the last three years.  This program provides eligible applicants with a down payment of up to 25% of an approved loan. The funds are paid directly to the title company.  Uses for these funds include title, escrow, home inspection, and closing costs. In addtion to down payment assistance, this program also assists with counseling and funds refinancing closing costs to existing homeowners.